Living at Rutherford Manor means extraordinary care without the loss of independence. 

Rutherford Manor is warm, Homely, and elegant...

Our caring experienced staff provides an abundance of activities and assist residence with all their daily needs...

Rutherford Manor

About Us

The Rutherford's realized the need for a caring community to provide support to families with ageing parents/relatives suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's or just simply the need for a safe and caring environment.  They established Rutherford Manor  in 2008 to fulfill this need bringing their  extensive experience in the elder care industry to the community.

Since their inauguration Rutherford Manor has blazed the trail as leaders in the Assisted Living community. They provide phenomenal care to their residence and outstanding support to their relatives. Rutherford Manor has a reputation of being the most warm and caring  home environment where families always feel welcome to just visit with their loved ones or just "hang out".  

About Us 

An Assisted Living Community with a Commitment to Exceptional Care and Service with Compassion.

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